Your Backyard Centerpiece
So Many Options!

The Radiant Semi-Inground Grecian Pool is the perfect backyard centerpiece for summer poolside barbecues, or simply soaking up the sun in your favorite lounge chair.This pool can be installed semi-inground or all the way inground. Sloped terrain is no longer a problem! At least 50% of the pool wall (26") must be installed below the ground. The Radiant Semi-Inground Grecian Poolsare available in 52” wall heights.

Halfway In and All Decked Out
When Only An Incredible Pool Will Do!

The Radiant Semi-Inground Grecian Pool, gives you options on installation and finishing! You can add a full deck to this amazing pool using 5/4 wood receptor coping. With this option, you get a clean finished edge, creatinga smooth transition from deck to pool. Add a walk-in step, and you enjoy the look and feel of an inground pool for a fraction of the price.Whatever your vision, Radiant Keystone Series Pools offer you the size, shape and install options to create your backyard retreat!

You'll Fit Right In
Neighborhood Compliance

The Radiant Semi-Inground Grecian Pool has varied sizes and installation options that allow it to comply with the requirements and restrictions of many homeowner's associations regarding swimming pools. Now you can have the backyard you want in the neighborhood you choose!

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