The Madera Above Ground Swimming Pool offers architecture on the cutting edge of Canadian Engineering. The quality of its 100% resin design provides an extremely reliable and robust product, which will be able to withstand the weather. All this, while also having a unique and modern design that will allow your backyard to stand out.


Download Brochure – Black
Download Brochure – Brown

Madera Specifications

Primary Specs
Round Sizes (ft) 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′
Height 52″ (STEEL)
Ledges Width 6 ½″
Durable top plate interface Width 6"
Stable and high wall rails 1 ⅝" high
Colors Black, Brown


  • Superior quality resin blends
  • Thick and robust ledges optimized for better weight distribution
  • Adjustable ledges covers; one screw interlock system
  • Uprights snap in feet for quick assembly
  • High quality walls: Industry renowned, heat treated, multilayered protection process
  • Superior sturdiness; architectural 3D design
  • Strong interconnect rail assembly with disassembly feature
  • Add irresistible appeal and serenity with the Starfall waterfall and/or Starjet water jets
  • StarGlow option: Incorporate LED light system to your uprights