Dolphin Active 30i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Enjoy hands-off pool cleaning with the Active 30i. This Wi-Fi connected cleaner is loaded with advanced cleaning features giving you the ability to customize cleaning schedules and more. Get a worry free clean from anywhere, any time.

Committed to Clean

This Dolphin scrubs the waterline and filters out all types of debris. Gone are the days of manual brushing

Stress Free Pool Cleaning

MyDolphin Plus App lets you customize pool cleaning from the palm of your hand

Equal Opportunity Pool Cleaner

This versatile cleaner is the perfect solution for all pool surface types


Primary Specs
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls, Waterline
Weekly Timer Yes
Caddy Included Included
Product Weight (robot only) 16.5 lbs


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  • Question

    What are the voltage requirements for the Dolphin power supply?


    The Dolphin requires a standard 120v outlet for power.
  • Question

    What are the ideal operating temperatures for my Dolphin cleaner?


    Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are best used in temperatures between 43 and 93 degrees.
  • Question

    Should I remove the Styrofoam from the motor unit?


    No, do not remove, this is not packing material. These help the Dolphin with buoyancy within the pool.
  • Question

    My white climbing rings are dented, are they damaged?


    No, the indentions on the rings are normal and due to the product settling during shipping. The rings will reshape once saturated with water.